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In accordance with St. John Ambulance, Mountain View Dental Group is proud to offer the services of Fenway the therapy dog. Patients that may experience anxiety or fear during dental appointments should take advantage of this service and request for Fenway to join them at their appointment.

Fenway is a 2 year old, golden retriever that absolutely loves people. He is extremely gentle, you could have a steak dinner in your hand and he would never bite or move. Fenway has gone through rigorous testing with the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program to be able to come into the dental clinic and help. Fenway enjoys walks, being petted and essentially any attention what-so-ever.

In order to offer this service officially, the dog has to go through special evaluations and supervision with the St. John Ambulance. A dog cannot simply be brought in off the street to do this kind of work. This is why Fenway is so special, he has been given the green-light to take on the job of comforting our patients.

We understand that this is a rather new concept for dental clinics but we feel its an important service to offer. We also understand that some people are not comfortable around dogs and we make sure that Fenway is only seeing patients that request the service. He will not meet anyone outside of requests.

Some general guidelines to follow are

  1. Fenway is at the office to work. If you see him in the office but have not requested him, please ask if you want to meet him rather than just going up to him.
  2. Do not feed Fenway anything while at the office
  3. When you’re in the chair with him, his purpose is to sit with you while you have treatment done. Please avoid playing with him so that the dentist/hygienist can complete their work.
  4. Fenway will always have his handler/care-giver with him at all times, so expect him in the room with you as well.
  5. If you have allergies or any concerns while Fenway is in the office, please do not hesitate to inform our staff and we will make arrangments so that everyone is comfortable.

If you feel you could benefit from a visit with him at your next appointment, please call ahead and let us know. We will try to accommodate as best we can.